The electric vehicle industry: a revolutionary resource opportunity

The demographic trends are clear: urbanisation is the greatest challenge of our time.

Our planet gains approximately 83 million people every year. By 2030 Earth will have a projected 8.5 billion people, of which 5 billion will live in urban areas. That is 1 billion more urban residents than we have today, resulting in massive social and environmental challenges.


Nearly 20% of all cobalt is used for Superalloys

Historically used in industrial, military and commercial sectors for super-alloy applications.

2015 cobalt demand was 90,150 tons

  • 49% batteries
  • 33% specialty metals
  • 18% industrial applications


Battery pack costs are falling: economies of scale and the experience curve

The last five years has seen a 20% pa cost reduction in EV battery pack systems. At the current rate of improvement, EV drivetrains are forecast to become competitive with combustion engines within 5 to 10 years.

Supply Chain

The supply chain is responding — fast!

95% Percentage of cobalt produced globally as by-product from copper and nickel mining
65% Percentage of global cobalt production originating in the Democratic Republic of Congo
45% Percentage of DRC cobalt mined artisanally


Sector Growth, Impact & Price

Battery Market Growth

Cobalt Demand Growth

Source: Benchmark Mineral Intelligence